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Jill Yavorsky, an assistant professor of sociology at UNC Charlotte

New research on gender inequality

Men supervise more individuals in the workplace than women — regardless of their grade point averages (GPAs) in high school — according to new published research on gender equality co-led by Jill Yavorsky, assistant professor of sociology.

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UNC Charlotte researchers recognized among world's top 2%

A recent Stanford University study recognizes the top 2% of the world’s most cited researchers. In all, 41 researchers affiliated with UNC Charlotte made the list.

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Pinku Mukherjee

Beyond mammography

Cancer researcher Pinku Mukherjee advocates for more than just mammograms for women with dense breast tissue.

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Award-winning findings

Missy Eppes, geologist, and Russ Keanini, mechanical engineer, earned recent recognition with a top award for interdisciplinary research in Quaternary geology and geomorphology.

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Oscar de la Torre

Africana Studies researcher’s book continues to win acclaim

UNC Charlotte Africana Studies associate professor Oscar de la Torre’s first book continues to garner awards, now recognized with two best book prizes and one honorable mention award.

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UNC Charlotte wastewater testing lab

Preventing COVID-19 spread

A team of UNC Charlotte researchers are sampling and testing wastewater from various campus locations as an early-warning system to locate the presence of COVID-19.

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